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Math questions Speech or Presentation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Math questions - Speech or Presentation Example vertisement: â€Å"In an ongoing clinical investigation, Brand ABC* was end up being 1950 percent better than creatine!† Actual brand won't be named (Sobecki et al., p. 810). Remark: For one, the announcement is missing numerical figures basic a reader’s seeing, for example, the likelihood that the new substance advanced would produce results inside a particular certainty span. In spite of asserting that the item is 1950% demonstrated viable, no genuine verification is introduced so the ad’s embellishment could either raise doubt or mix interest on possible shoppers. Perusers may likewise wind up attempting to comprehend how later the investigation was made since the case doesn't go any farther than referencing ‘recent’ which could mean dating to a few years back. Besides, the term ‘clinical’ seems unimportant except if supplanted by a name of a solid wellbeing establishment known to have led comparative examinations previously. By not unveiling the brand name or name, the commercial risks making a portion of the perusers believe that it is a potential hocus-pocus or that without adequate subtleties, it develops a d epreciator of another driving brand in the market. Clarification: The twofold negatives and the way wherein the inquiry is made appears to be misdirecting as it happens progressively arranged to persuade somebody to concur that coaching understudies what pass' identity is as yet significant. Odds are, on one hand, the individual being asked might be promptly and mentally molded to consider the significance of instructional exercise regardless without paying due respect on circumstances it is generally required, and on the other, the person may locate that passing understudies have no critical effect from the bombing ones. So the equivocalness of implications connected to the inquiry may cause results out of an incorrect understanding that instructional exercise is really a need and the question seems as though no apprehensions or further investigation is required. It is very clear how the use of suspect

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Lamb The Gospel According to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Pal Chapter 8 Free Essays

Part 8 I’ve figured out how to sneak into the restroom sufficiently long to peruse a couple of parts of this New Testament that they’ve added to the Bible. This Matthew individual, who is clearly not the Matthew that we knew, appears to have forgotten about a significant smidgen. Like everything from the time Joshua was destined to the time he was thirty!!! No big surprise the holy messenger took me back to compose this book. We will compose a custom exposition test on Sheep: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Pal Chapter 8 or then again any comparable point just for you Request Now This Matthew individual hasn’t referenced me yet, yet I’m still in the early parts. I need to apportion myself to shield the heavenly attendant from getting dubious. Today he went up against me when I came out of the restroom. â€Å"You are investing a great deal of energy in there. You don’t need to invest such a great amount of energy in there.† â€Å"I let you know, neatness is critical to my people.† â€Å"You weren’t washing. I would have heard the water running.† I concluded that I expected to go into all out attack mode on the off chance that I was going to shield the heavenly attendant from finding the Bible. I stumbled into the room, jumped onto his bed, and secured my hands around his throat †stifling him as I recited: â€Å"I haven’t been laid in 2,000 years. I haven’t been laid in 2,000 years. I haven’t been laid in 2,000 years.† It felt better, there was a musicality to it, I kind of squoze his throat a piece with each syllable. I took a brief reprieve in gagging the grand host to strike him over his alabaster cheek. It was an error. He got my hand. At that point got me by the hair with his other hand and tranquilly moved to his feet, lifting me into the air by my hair. â€Å"Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow,† I said. â€Å"So, you have not been laid in 2,000 years? What does that mean?† â€Å"Ow, ow, ow, ow,† I answered. The holy messenger set me on my feet, however kept his grip on my hair. â€Å"So?† â€Å"It implies that I haven’t had a lady in two centuries, aren’t you getting any of the jargon from the television?† He looked at the TV, which, obviously, was on. â€Å"I don’t have your endowment of tongues. What does that have to do with stifling me?† â€Å"I was gagging you since you, by and by, are as thick as earth. I haven’t engaged in sexual relations in 2,000 years. Men have needs. What the heck do you think I’m doing in the restroom the entirety of that time?† â€Å"Oh,† the blessed messenger stated, discharging my hair. â€Å"So you are†¦You have been†¦There is a†¦Ã¢â‚¬  â€Å"Get me a lady and perhaps I won’t invest such a great amount of energy in the restroom, on the off chance that you get my meaning.† Brilliant confusion, I thought. â€Å"A lady? No, I can't do that. Not yet.† â€Å"Yet? Does that mean†¦Ã¢â‚¬  â€Å"Oh look,† the holy messenger stated, abandoning me as though I was close to fume, â€Å"General Hospital is starting.† What's more, with that, my mystery Bible was protected. I'm not catching his meaning by â€Å"yet†? In any event this Matthew specifies the Magi. One sentence, yet that’s one more than I’ve gotten in his Gospel up until this point. Our second day in Jerusalem we went to see the incomparable Rabbi Hillel. (Rabbi implies instructor in Hebrew †you realized that, right?) Hillel appeared to be a hundred years of age, his whiskers and hair were long and white, and his eyes were obfuscated over, his irises milk white. His skin was rough earthy colored from sitting in the sun and his nose was long and snared, giving him the part of an incredible, dazzle falcon. He held class throughout the morning in the external yard of the Temple. We sat unobtrusively, tuning in to him discuss from the Torah and decipher the refrains, taking inquiries and taking part in contentions with the Pharisees, who attempted to imbue the Law into consistently detail of life. Close to the finish of Hillel’s morning addresses, Jakan, the camel-sucking spouse to-be of my cherished Maggie, inquired as to whether it would be just plain wrong to eat an egg that had been laid on the Sabbath. â€Å"What would you say you are, idiotic? The Lord doesn’t care at all what a chicken does on the Sabbath, you nimrod! It’s a chicken. On the off chance that a Jew lays an egg on the Sabbath, that’s likely a wrongdoing, come see me at that point. In any case don’t burn through my friggin’ time with that jabber. Presently leave, I’m hungry and I need a rest. Every one of you, scram.† Joshua took a gander at me and smiled. â€Å"He’s not what I expected,† he murmured. â€Å"Knows a nimrod when he sees †uh †hears one, though,† I said. (Nimrod was an antiquated lord who kicked the bucket of suffocation after he pondered so anyone might hear before his watchmen what it resembles to have your own head stood up your butt.) A kid more youthful than us helped the elderly person to his feet and started to lead him away toward the Temple door. I ran up and took the priest’s other arm. â€Å"Rabbi, my companion has originated from far away to converse with you. Would you be able to help him?† The elderly person halted. â€Å"Where is your friend?† â€Å"Right here.† â€Å"Then why isn’t he talking for himself? Where do you originate from, kid?† â€Å"Nazareth,† Joshua stated, â€Å"but I was conceived in Bethlehem. I am Joshua bar Joseph.† â€Å"Oh better believe it, I’ve conversed with your mother.† â€Å"You have?† â€Å"Sure, pretty much every time she and your dad come to Jerusalem for a banquet she attempts to see me. She thinks you’re the Messiah.† Joshua gulped hard. â€Å"Am I?† Hillel grunted. â€Å"Do you need to be the Messiah?† Joshua took a gander at me as though I may have the appropriate response. I shrugged. â€Å"I don’t know,† Josh at last said. â€Å"I thought I was simply expected to do it.† â€Å"Do you think you’re the Messiah?† â€Å"I’m not certain I ought to say.† â€Å"That’s smart,† Hillel said. â€Å"You shouldn’t state. You can think you’re the Messiah all that you need, just don’t tell anyone.† â€Å"But in the event that I don’t let them know, they won’t know.† â€Å"Exactly. You can think you’re a palm tree in the event that you need, just don’t tell anybody. You can think you’re a group of seagulls, just don’t tell anybody. You get my importance? Presently I need to go eat. I’m old and I’m hungry and I need to go eat now, so just on the off chance that I kick the bucket before dinner I won’t go hungry.† â€Å"But he truly is the Messiah,† I said. â€Å"Oh yeah,† Hillel stated, snatching my shoulder, at that point feeling for my head so he could shout into my ear. â€Å"What do you know? You’re a uninformed child. How old right? Twelve? Thirteen?† â€Å"Thirteen.† â€Å"How would you be able to, at thirteen, know anything? I’m eighty-four and I don’t know shit.† â€Å"But you’re wise,† I said. â€Å"I’m sufficiently astute to realize that I don’t know poop. Presently go away.† â€Å"Should I solicit the Holy from Holies?† Joshua said. Hillel swung at the air, as though to slap Joshua, yet missed by a foot. â€Å"It’s a container. I saw it when I could even now observe, and I can disclose to you that it’s a container. Also, you comprehend what else, if there were tablets in it, they aren’t there now. So in the event that you need to converse with a case, and presumably be executed for attempting to get into the chamber where it’s kept, you go right ahead.† The breath appeared to be taken out of Joshua’s body and I figured he would black out on the spot. How could the best educator in all of Israel talk about the Ark of the Covenant in such a manner? How could a man who clearly knew each expression of the Torah, and all the lessons composed since, how might he guarantee not to know anything? Hillel appeared to detect Joshua’s trouble. â€Å"Look, kid, your mom says that some astute men came to Bethlehem to see you when you were conceived. They clearly knew something that nobody else knew. Why don’t you go see them? Get some information about being the Messiah.† â€Å"So you aren’t going to disclose to him how to be the Messiah?† I inquired. Again Hillel connected for Joshua, however this time with no outrage. He discovered Joshua’s cheek, and stroked it with his palsied hand. â€Å"I don’t accept there will be a Messiah, and now, I’m not certain it would have any kind of effect to me. Our kin have invested more energy in bondage or under the impact points of outside rulers than we have spent free, so who is to state that it is God’s will that we be free by any stretch of the imagination? Who is to state that God frets about us in any capacity, past permitting us to be? I don’t believe that he does. So know this, little one. Regardless of whether you are the Messiah, or you become a rabbi, or regardless of whether you are just a rancher, here is the whole of everything I can show you, and all that I know: treat others as you might want to be dealt with. Would you be able to recollect that?† Joshua gestured and the elderly person grinned. â€Å"Go locate your shrewd men, Joshua bar Joseph.† What we did was remain in the Temple while Joshua barbecued each minister, monitor, even Pharisee about the Magi who had come to Jerusalem thirteen years prior. Clearly it wasn’t as large an occasion for others as it was for Josh’s family, on the grounds that nobody had any thought what he was discussing. When he’d been grinding away for several hours he was actually shouting into the essences of a gathering of Pharisees. â€Å"Three of them. Entertainers. They came in light of the fact that they saw a star over Bethlehem. They were conveying gold, frankincense, and myrrh. Please, you’re all old. You’re expected to be insightful. Think!† Obviously, they weren’t satisfied. â€Å"Who is this kid who might scrutinize our insight? He remains unaware of the Torah and th

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Inbox Outbox May 12, 2017

Inbox Outbox May 12, 2017 I have been drowning in amazing books lately. Every time I tell myself Im going to work through the mountain I already own, I get a beaut in the mail or get the overwhelming urge to go to the library. So heres whats going on in my book world this week. Inbox (books acquired) Gracious: A Practical Primer on Charm, Tact, and Unsinkable Strength by Kelly Williams Brown. Its possible that Kelly Williams Brown is going to keep writing books I need to read the moment I need to read them. Remember Adulting? That was her. Shes back with this gorgeous little gem about politeness, thoughtfulness, good manners, etiquette, the whole shebang. Im so excited to start this one. We are Never Meeting in Real Life. by Samantha Irby. I was drawn in by the bright yellow cover and the snarling kitten. This is a collection of fabulous essays about culture and dating and bodies and life and all sorts of things, with biting wit and a dash of heartbreak. I love it. Daily Rituals: How Artists Work by Mason Currey. The people around me have really solid rituals and routines, and I am jealous of their dedication to them. This book is that, but with people like Franz Kafka, Jane Austen, and Agatha Christie. Gimme, gimme, gimme. Outbox (books finished) Hunger: A Memoir of (My) Body by Roxane Gay (June 13, HarperCollins). A fellow Book Rioter said they felt spoiled by the honesty in this book, and its the only way I can describe it now. Roxane Gays writing is so gorgeous and breathtaking. And her story is painful and sharp. You should get this  on your summer TBR right now. In the queue (What I’m reading next) An Age of License: A Travelogue by Lucy Knisley. I met Lucy last week and Im even more in love with her and her work now. I think this is the last of her books I have yet to read, and Im torn between speeding through it and savoring it. Its her thoughts and journals from a book tour through Europe, which she hoped would take her mind off heartbreak and real life. And its just gorgeous. A Good Country by Laleh Khadivi. This showed up in my mailbox months ago, and the world made me scared to read it. The blurb: An achingly timely novel about the radicalization of a Muslim teen in California â€" about where identity truly lies, and how we find it. Teen surrounds himself with sex, drugs, and rock n roll, then finds a new group of friends who are aware of the state of the world around them and finds himself. Yes, please. My Life with Bob: Flawed Heroine Keeps Book of Books, Plot Ensues by Pamela Paul.  The editor of the New York Times Book Review keeps a notebook of the books shes read (Bob. Book of books. Ha!). Since she was 16. How neat is that? This is a look at her life story told through the books she read. Because the books we read and when we read them say a lot about who we are as people. Ive been keeping this as a treat to read before bedtime. Whats your book life look like this week?

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Rhetorical Analysis Of Conan O Brien - 1235 Words

For the last 20 years, literally my entire adult life, I ve been a diehard fan of late night talk show host Conan O Brien. Not only did I watch the various iterations of his show throughout the years from Late Night, The Tonight Show, to CONAN religiously for most of that time, but I ve ventured across the country to see him live several times. In fact, just last year, I achieved one of my goals of personally meeting Conan and getting a picture with him. It happened after attending one of his tapings during a week of shows at the Apollo Theatre in New York City. I ve admired Conan for his humor, intelligence, and inspiring words of wisdom he s given over the years (his commencement speeches at Harvard and Dartmouth are indicative of†¦show more content†¦Israeli appropriation of Arab food is nothing new. Things got a whole lot worse from there. A couple of days later, Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu tweeted a short video of him hosting Conan in Jerusalem. There are no words to describe the disappointment I felt when I saw that. It was bad enough Conan went to Israel and violated the BDS call, but to take company with a man who imposes an apartheid regime on Palestinians and who should be tried for war crimes was simply inexcusable. The day after, Conan made a token visit to Bethlehem and spent time with children from the Aida Refugee Camp. Commendable, but ironic given that he had just been the guest of Netanyahu who d prefer to have Palestinians stay in refugee camps and live without equal rights as Jewish Israelis. To add salt to the wound, Conan later met with female soldiers from the Karkl Battalion in the Israeli army (IDF). My jaw dropped. He was straight up participating in Israeli propaganda and the IDF was more than happy to tweet about it. I couldn t believe it. As Benjamin Norton tweeted in reply to the IDF s tweet, Conan O Brien doing PR with an army that kills Palestinians and illegally occupies and colonizes their land. Indeed, hanging out with soldiers who enforce apartheid and carry out assaults on an oppressed civilization population is reprehensible. Conan shouldn t have met and dined with Netanyahu nor cavorted

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Analysis Of Boccaccio s The Decameron - 1345 Words

Throughout the various novelle of the Decameron there lies a rather conflicting role of women in relation to the society that Boccaccio s Decameron was set in. From novella to novella the theme of women s gender role fluctuates between misogynistic to feminist. It can be argued that Boccaccio was a feminist ahead of his time or that he shared the traditional views towards women of 14th century Italy. Overall, it is fair to say that Boccaccio does depict women as transcending men in many respects, some of them being positive, and some negative. I believe there is a deeper meaning behind Boccaccio view s towards women which I will elaborate on below. Giovanni Boccaccio was born in Florence (Certaldo) in 1313. He was raised predominately by his mother and according to New Advent Encyclopedia he was a â€Å"steadfast† son who greatly admired his mother and looked upon his father with some disdain.(1) From what i ve read not much is known about Boccaccio’s childhood and as a result, reports mention Boccaccio’s relationship with his father as being mediocre. Most sources comment that Boccaccio was very close to his mother. I believe there is an important connection of his relationship with his mother and the way he portrays women in the context of his writings. When taking this connection into consideration, the gender roles depicted in the Decameron can be better interpreted. Boccaccio s opinions on love and his subsequent writings were not only influenced by his personalShow MoreRelatedcritical appreciation1066 Words   |  5 Pagesof ship. The setting of Eliot s Preludes is a modern city with its people leading a mechanical life. The words also convey the same sense. And short square fingers stuffing pies, And evening newspapers, and eyes, Assured of certain certainties... Context- The context gives us the time and location of the poem. It is what prompted the poem. The context might be an event of great political significance like the French Revolution. It prompted P.B. Shelley s famous, Ode to the West WindRead MoreChristians, Jews, and the Black Plague1707 Words   |  7 Pagesdeafening thunder, lightning bolts, hailstones, and eight-legged worms that killed with their stench† (Cohn, 2002, p. 706). The medieval writer and plague survivor Boccaccio would write that â€Å"Either because of the influence of heavenly bodies or because of God’s just wrath as a punishment to mortals for our wicked deeds† (Boccaccio, 2010, p. 7). An affliction so great and mysterious as the plague could only have been caused by God’s power, while the only reason God would have for sending such aRead MoreBlack Plague And The Black Epidemic1337 Words   |  6 Pageshappens that the world gets into panic mode. All of this panic comes from the Bl ack Death. In this synthesis and analysis essay I will cover the places the Black Plague reached, the effects of the Black Plague, and the thoughts of the people that lived in that time along with their beliefs on the Black Plague. The Black Plague or Black Death first occurred in China around the 1330’s. Actually this is only a theory, because no one really knows where the disease first started. This plague mainlyRead MoreOthello, By William Shakespeare2480 Words   |  10 Pages  Othello is a tragedy by William Shakespeare, believed to have been written in 1603. It is based on the story Un Capitano Moro by Cinthio, a disciple of Boccaccio, first published in 1565. This tightly constructed work revolves around four central characters: Othello, a Moorish general in the Venetian army; his beloved wife, Desdemona; his loyal lieutenant, Cassio; and his trusted but ultimately unfaithful ensign, Iago. Given its varied and enduring themes of racism, love, jealousy, betrayal, revengeRead MoreOthello : William Shakespeare s Othello2542 Words   |  11 Pageshave been about twelve years until Shakespeare wrote his comedy Othello and it was first performed at the court of James I in November of 1604. à ¢â‚¬Å"William Shakespeare s early plays were written in the conventional style of the day, with elaborate metaphors and rhetorical phrases that didn t always align naturally with the story s plot or characters. However, Shakespeare was very innovative, adapting the traditional style to his own purposes and creating a freer flow of words(William).† He was

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The Death Of Ivan And The Metamorphosis By Franz Kafka

Tiffani Cao ENG 2850 Professor Sylvor Self-knowledge Death is an inevitable concern that no one can understand completely. While it has the potential to instill fear, the thought of death also instigates individuals to reflect upon the life he or she has lived. In â€Å"The Death of Ivan Ilych† by Leo Tolstoy and â€Å"The Metamorphosis† by Franz Kafka, the two authors capture this reflecting of life within the lives of Ivan Ilych and Gregor Samsa. Although both Ivan Ilych and Gregor Samsa experience an unfortunate fate of death, the protagonists were able to find self-knowledge through analytical observations of their surroundings and were able to resolve the issues before their death. Before Ivan Ilych accepted his fate of death, he was known as an examining magistrate. Ivan Ilych attended the School of Law assimilating the values and behaviors of bourgeois,’ thus Ilych’s view of a â€Å"perfect† lifestyle consists of being wealthy and achieving high social class. His view is ironic because it contradicts with the natural self and propriety self that he is living in. Ilych imitates the ideals of social acceptability and the proprietary morals of how he must act like. For example, Ilych comments â€Å"What must I do to be like others, to be accepted†¦Ã¢â‚¬  (749). Ilych’s mortality comes from the people around him, thus he has no meaning to his life because he does not have his own idealistic beliefs of what his life should be. Additionally, Ivan Ilych discusses of the matter of when his wife,Show MoreRelatedThe Death Of Ivan Ilych By Leo Tolstoy And Franz Kafka s The Metamorphosis1103 Words   |  5 Pagesout because their plot is both driven by the central character, but also the effect the minor character has on both the central character and the overall plot, those works being â€Å"The Death of Ivan Ilych† by Leo Tolstoy and Franz Kafka’s â€Å"The Metamorphosis†. â€Å"The Death of Ivan Ilyich† by Leo Tolstoy is about a man (Ivan) in middle age who has lived a â€Å"most simple and most ordinary life and therefor the most terrible† (pg. 1446). He spent his life climbing the social ladder, he married a woman becauseRead MoreSurvival in One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich by Solzhenitsyn and The Metamorphosis by Kafka1245 Words   |  5 PagesSurvival in One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich by Solzhenitsyn and The Metamorphosis by Kafka In both One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich, written by Solzhenitsyn, and The Metamorphosis, written by Kafka, there were struggles for survival in face of oppression. Both of the protagonists Read MoreAn Existential Crisis2417 Words   |  10 Pagesquestions the very foundations of their life: whether their life has any meaning, purpose, or value. Sometimes there are men who will accept their fate graciously. Two works that depict these ideas are â€Å"The Death of Ivan Ilych† by Leo Tolstoy and â€Å"The Metamorphosis† by Kafka. In both works by Tolstoy and Kafka, the main characters at some point question their lives’ and what life means to them. In order to question one’s life, it would be necessary that one evaluate the decisions they make. A person’s lifeRead MoreBelonging Essay4112 Words   |  17 Hosseini, Khaled A thousand splendid suns AF YA Irving, John The cider house rules AF Ishiguro, Kazuo Never let me go AF Hulme, Keri The bone people AF Jones, Lloyd Mister Pip AF Joyce, James Ulysses AF Kafka, Franz Metamor phosis AF Kesey, Ken One flew over the cuckoo’s nest AF Keneally, Thomas The chant of Jimmie Blacksmith AF King, Stephen Carrie AF Lee, Harper To kill a mockingbird AF YA Li, Yiyun A thousand years of good prayers AF London, Jack White fang AFRead MoreThe Theory, History, and Development of Magical Realism Essay examples3188 Words   |  13 PagesMagical realism is more a literary mode than a distinguishable genre and it aims to seize the paradox of the union of opposites such as time and timelessness, life and death, dream and reality and the pre-colonial past and the post-industrial present. It is characterized by two conflicting perspectives. While accepting the rational view of reality, it also considers the supernatural as a part of reality. The setting in a magical realist text is a normal world with authentic human characters. It isRead MoreExistentialism vs Essentialism23287 Words   |  94 PagesCamus Moving beyond Sartre s existentialism, Camus explored the meaninglessness and absurd nature of the human condition. Many Others Other existential philosophers include  Simone de Beauvoir,  Martin Heidegger,  Karl Jaspers,  Gabriel Marcel  and  Franz Kafka. Existentialist philosophy was also influenced by many other works, including those of  Friedrich Nietzsche, G. W. F. Hegel, Fyodor Dostoevsky and  Edmund Husserl. 1. Sà ¸ren Kierkegaard  (1813–1855) was a Danish philosopher who contributed greatly

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Logistics And Supply Management Case Study â€Myassignmenthelp.Com

Question: Discuss About The Logistics And Supply Management Case Study? Answer: Introducation One of the major factors of success by Zara in global fashion industry is its operation management, out of which Logistics and Supply Chain management plays the most vital role. The company was launched in 2012 by Ortega as the unique retail concept. Out of the total turnover of US $ 20.7 billion, Zara has represented through their major share contribution of 66 percent amounting to US $ 13.6 billion. The normal production trend of Zara is 450 million annually it is amazing to note the efficiency level of the company to manage such big and enormous volume produced every year through supply chain with the logistics management efficiently controlled to meet the requirements of the stores in time globally. (Anon., 2015) Coordination between operations and business strategy- Zara The coordination between operations and business strategy of Zara is found unique by prioritizing the need of the business with proper emphasis on the need of the customers. The company is accomplishing its growth objective by diversification of operation empowered with vertically integrated system. The company is engaged in specialized mode of design through couture with the operation process of manufacturing, distribution and retailing of clothes within the period of two weeks of the original design as displayed in catwalks. Thus the concept of Rapid Fire Fast Fashion Strategy is applied to Zara. Just in Time Production Main feature of fashion industry is to deliver the fashionable and trendy outfits for different class of target audience in such integrated and controlled system so that the customers can feel it Just in Time. It is the normal operation practice of Zara to keep significant inventories for its in-house production to assure that the factory reserves of Zara should be maintained in the level of 85% of total capacity to meet the timely requirement. This feature can provide the flexibility for Zara to fix its priority regarding the amount, variety of new products and frequency of products for launching. The company mainly depends upon headquarters in Spain for the production process including its sophisticated raw materials. The statistics shows that Zara runs its production process with the commitment of six months advance of 15 to 25% of benchmark line of season with the locking of 50 to 60 percent of its production process during the tart of the season. This effort results to conformat ion of 50 percent of its new products are designed and produced during the middle of the season. This practice ensures the company to sale 85% of its product with full price where as the industry trend is 60 to 70 percent. The percentage of unsold materials is only 10% of finished goods inventory which is phenomenal comparing to the industry average of 17 to 20 percent. As a result of this manufacturing strategy, Zara can sell most of its items in full price and the total overhead costs is mitigated through reduced merchandising cost as compared to that of competitors. For this factor the company can afford extra overhead costs in labor and shipping to match customers demands. Inventory management- Zara It is rarely found in the inventory system of Zara that there is stacking of inventory of obsolete products in the warehouse as the company is more concentrating on the concept of lean for the rolling process of raw materials to finished goods in the stores. The model of optimizing inventory is practiced by Zara so that the company can determine to be delivered to the respective stores through arranged shipment of twice of each week. The quantity of delivered stock is limited to ensure that each store should have the product as per their requirement. This practice enhances brand image to exclusiveness by avoiding pile up of unwanted inventories. The company has the capacity for quick turnaround within the season in their manufacturing facilities in Spain which allows the company to make frequent shipment of smaller size of batches. These small batches mitigate the harm of getting unpopular products stacked in the stores with the lesser loss for the company related to unsold inventory. Centralized Logistics Zara has the integrated practice of placing two orders from stores weekly with specified days and time which are being catered in time with specific items properly labeled and priced as per the practice of Zara. This process can ensure involvement of human resource in all levels of operation management right from procurement to retail with the defined timeline with coordination between departments. Distribution network The strong practice of distribution network of Zara ensures deliverance of finished goods to the European outlet by 24 hours while for overseas stores of US or Asia the cut-out time form delivery is specified as maximum 40 hours. As per by the case study wrote Nelson Fraiman in 2010 , a professor of Columbia Business School, the lean time for getting shape of the product from design to stores is 15 days for Zara while the other takes 6 months as industry standard. Fast Fashion- success story of Zara This success story is not any magic, but is the result of well organized and strategic application of the operation management of Zara. The entire process consisting of design, procurement, manufacturing, distribution and placing in the shelves are working in such way that the success of the system is only announcing its successful implementation.(Lu, 2014) Conclusion Zara is a big name in global fashion industry and with its unique operation management; it proves its worth to be on top of the industry globally. Different steps of operation management are working in well coordinated manner and this proves the worth of the brand. Think of low cost trendy garments to match pocket of low ability customers Make exclusive brands restricted to the premium stores Open regular stores for pocket friendly budget products Expansion process to be continued in countries of lower GDP References: Adam, P., 2013. The Strategic Management Analysis of ZARA (Relative to the Case in Developing Countries). [Online] Available at: [Accessed 13 September 2017]. Anon., 2015. LOGISTICS MANAGEMENT OF ZARA A CASE STUDY. [Online] Available at: [Accessed 13 September 2017]. Anon., 2016. Strategy-The Secret of Zaras Success: A Culture of Customer Co-creation. [Online] Available at: [Accessed 13 September 2017]. Chettupalli, S., 2016. Supply Chain Managment of Zara. [Online] Available at: [Accessed 13 September 2017]. Lu, C., 2014. Zara supply chain analysis - the secret behind Zara's retail success. [Online] Available at: [Accessed 13 september 2017]. Sowray, b., 2015. The 5 ingredients of Zara's success. [Online] Available at: [Accessed 13 September 2017]. Textiles, Z., 2011. Zara Textilesd Pvt. Ltd. [Online] Available at: [Accessed 13 September 2017]. Zhelyazkov, G., n.d. Agile Supply Chain: Zara's case study. [Online] Available at: [Accessed 13 September 2017